Villenpark Potsdam Groß-Glienicke

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The "Villenpark" is surrounded by great forests. Individual properties, feature up to 100 year-old trees that provide natural shade. With such abundant beautiful nature, the ?Villenpark? provides many opportunities for extensive open-air leisure activities.

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin and Brandenburg have grown together in a cooperative relationship. On the territory of the former border of East and West Germany, the "Villenpark" was established as a link between both capitals to symbolize their unity.

The "Villenpark" area was used for military reasons in 1713 and later on under Friedrich II. After World War II, the Red Army built barracks that last accommodated the border regiment of the National People´s Army. After almost 300 years of military use there has been a total renaturalization of the park and the area serves now only peaceful purposes.

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