Villenpark Potsdam Groß-Glienicke


Hotline: 0800-1447600


Centrally located in the countryside, is the "Villenpark" ideally located for everyone who seeks harmony with nature and wants to live close to it. Living in the "Villenpark" means enjoying all the amenities of a metropolis without the trouble. Located in the new centre between Berlin and Potsdam, the area is surrounded by untouched woods and green fields and provides a connection between both capitals.

Equally important as the realization of your dream house is the environment? you want to feel comfortable and secure for the next 10, 20 or 30 years. A coffeehouse is being established in the "Villenpark" for a cozy neighborhood chat and a piece of cake. In addition, a bakery and a kiosk are at your disposal to fulfill any of your needs. You don?t have to start the day without your morning newspaper or warm rolls.

Medical care is provided as well. Beside a general practitioner, a dentist and a medical specialist will be available in the "Villenpark".

Whatever you expect from life, however you imagine your life, the "Villenpark Potsdam-Groß Glienicke" is the perfect starting point and also the best place for your home.

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